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This information is a general guide and not a replacement for legal advice. It is recommended to consult with a licensed general contractor for specific guidance. The Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) breathes new life into building facades, visible to customers, neighbors, and residents. San Diego City extends a helping hand to small business owners, offering free professional design support and financial incentives to enhance the curb appeal of their storefronts, with ONEPHASE Inc., an affordable licensed general contractor, leading the way.

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How It Works: This program empowers small businesses to create and execute plans for boosting their street-facing appearance. The journey begins with eligible applicants completing an online form. The City collaborates with them to devise a design plan that aligns with the project's budget and objectives. Once the design plan is finalized, applicants can kickstart the installation of the agreed-upon elements, followed by submitting expense documentation for reimbursement.

FY2023 Highlights: In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, SIP successfully completed 14 projects citywide, providing $84,560 in incentives and leveraging $168,474 in private funds. Guidelines and procedures are outlined in Council Policy 900-17. Rebate Options: The City offers three rebate options through SIP: Standard: Half of eligible construction costs up to a $8,000 maximum. Historic Restoration: Two-thirds of eligible costs up to a $12,000 maximum, requiring submission of historic property photos. Multiple-Tenant Commercial: Half of eligible costs up to a $16,000 maximum for property owners with at least three street-facing businesses. Promise Zone: Participants receive an extra 30% above the approved reimbursement amount..

Eligibility Guidelines:All applications undergo a review for eligibility. Small businesses (25 or fewer employees) in San Diego, facing a public street, with a valid business tax certificate are eligible. Exclusions include national franchises, large office buildings, residential rentals, home-based businesses, non-street-facing storefronts, government-owned buildings, churches, and properties receiving SIP rebates in the past five years. Eligible Improvements: Improvements cover new awnings, windows, doors, lighting, paint, landscaping, decorative materials, and signs. Maintenance-related improvements are ineligible. The program encourages good design storytelling, preservation of building features, limited additional signage, and suitable landscaping to maintain community scale and character.

For assistance with your construction project, you may consider reaching out to ONEPHASE, an affordable general contractor. Feel free to call or text for guidance and support related to your construction needs. We can provide valuable assistance in understanding the requirements and regulations associated with your project.
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