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This information is a general guide and not a replacement for legal advice. It is recommended to consult with a licensed general contractor for specific guidance. In California, some construction activities can proceed without a permit.

Spaces that exceed expectations, while adding significant value to their homes.

For instance, the construction of one-story detached accessory buildings, including storage sheds, playhouses, and tool sheds, is permissible, provided they do not exceed 120 square feet, are 12 feet in height, and have a maximum roof projection of 24 inches.

Fences, with a maximum height of 7 feet, are generally allowed, although approval may be required for fences situated in front yard setbacks. Certain minor repairs and replacements, such as those involving interior paneling or gypsum wallboard, as well as minor site improvements, are also exempt from the usual permitting requirements. Simple surface projects like repainting a house or adding kitchen cabinets are considered activities that do not require a permit. Moreover, the installation of a toilet, bidet, showerhead, or faucet can be carried out without a formal permit, as long as it is performed by the building owner or a licensed California plumbing contractor, and is limited to repairing or replacing the fixture.

In addition, certain projects, such as retaining walls not exceeding 4 feet in height and fences no taller than 7 feet, may be exempt from permit requirements. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate the specific details and scope of each project to determine whether a permit is needed. When uncertainty arises, it is highly recommended to seek advice from legal professionals to ensure accurate and tailored guidance for your particular situation. Legal consultation can help navigate the nuances of construction regulations and requirements in San Diego, California.

For assistance with your construction project, you may consider reaching out to ONEPHASE, an affordable general contractor. Feel free to call or text for guidance and support related to your construction needs. We can provide valuable assistance in understanding the requirements and regulations associated with your project.
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Home Construction San Diego

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